9 vs X

November 29, 2007

Some things I learned about OS 9 and X interpoperability today, the hard way:

  • You can’t trust Tiger’s Finder to backup Classic system software. I tried backing up the whole drive into a folder on another drive (like you would using OS 9) and the copied System Folder only had 27 items, whereas the original had 35. I didn’t have time to investigate further, but the point is - use ditto instead of Finder.
  • The old Finder/System file dragging trick to bless an OS 9 system folder doesn’t work within OS X, use bless instead. Check manpage for examples.
  • You can run servers inside Classic and have them respond to the outside world. I was runnning Helix today and it worked fine.
  • Tiger is way behind of OS 9 in terms of how easy it is to share drives and folders and SharePoints doesn’t always help. Looks to me like Leopard is actually coming closer to OS 9 in this respect.