A Random Speedtest

October 28, 2007

Ran speedtest.net using the phone to connect. The 3G scripts are from Mr. Barkman’s page. The 3G package should go up to 384128.

3G scripts over GPRS


SE 3G w/ 3G attached

SE GPRS w/ 3G attached

4m/1m cable modem

So nothing really new here:

  • To use 3G you should have 3G enabled on the phone. I wonder how many customers forget this and just think that mobile internet is just supposed to be slow….
  • GPRS scripts give poorer results with 3G becouse of the serial port speed limit (150kbit/s) set by the script.
  • The max. speeds the ISP reports are all theoretical
  • The 3G script vs GPRS script, both over GPRS, results are a bit weird. They should be the same, yet the 3G script gives 10k more download. Might just be a testing error. I only ran these tests once.