About FTP
Sat Dec 16, 2006 · 95 words
  1. To allow only FTP access to a share (AFP/FTP/SMB):
$ sharing -e sharename -s 010
  1. All the configuration files are in /Library/FTPServer/Configuration

  2. “man ftpaccess” had some useful info on the different chrootType values:

    chroot_type standard | homedir | restricted

     Sets  the type of restricted environment the user is under when he
     logs on.  standard Allows users to  access  the  ftp  root,  their
     homedir,  and  sharepoints.   homedir  Allows  users to access the
     their homedir and  sharepoints.   restricted  restricts  users  to
     their own home directory.

and they all work with serveradmin:

$ serveradmin settings ftp:chrootType = "HOMEDIR"

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