An Old Presentation
Thu Dec 06, 2007 · 189 words

Was cleaning the HD and stumbled on a presentation I had given over a year ago at school.

It was meant for Media Engineering students to give them a different perspective on programming. That it's not just about classes and objects and polymorphism, but a very powerful tool and a form of creative problem solving. That programming, just like everything else in life, is not about some UML chart that is executed to the t, but rather a series of hundreds of little problems, failures and achievements.

The presentation consists of a series of interesting quotes by software luminaries followed by a few problems that I had worked on back then, specifically two Dashboard widgets I had just developed.

The audience seemed to respond really well to it which makes me think there's a real opportunity out there to make learning programming fun and engaging also for people who don't consider themselves “programmers”. You can just tell them - “here's what we have, and here's what we want, let's figure out how to get there” and then work together with them.

Anyways, you can find the 23-page PDF here.

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