Cannot launch natd
Wed Feb 14, 2007 · 186 words

After a power outage, this started happening:

Feb 14 15:36:35 www serveradmin: servermgr_nat: nat config:Error:Cannot launch natd

The Appple front-ends (like serveradmin) are not very verbose so I've found a good troubleshooting step to be to run the underlying deamon with the same config files, manually:

www:/etc/nat root# natd -config /etc/nat/

natd: unknown protocol (null). Expected tcp or udp

Aha! Indeed, the last line looks weird:

redirect_port (null) (null):3050

When it should be something like:

 -redirect_port proto targetIP:targetPORT[-targetPORT]



Digging a little deeper, we find that is actually re-written every time you serveradmin start nat (so modifying it directly is pointless). The values are populated from /etc/nat/natd.plist. If the latter doesn't exist, it's it's created from /etc/nat/natd.plist.default.

Since I was convnced I hadn't modified my natd.plist, I just did a

> mv

> mv natd.plist natd.plist.old

> serveradmin start nat

And that got things running again. What's really weird is the cause of this:

www:/etc/nat root# diff natd.plist natd.plist.old



>  <array>

>    <dict>

>        <key>targetPortRange</key>

>            <integer>3050</integer>

>        </dict>

>  </array>

How that targetPortRange got there, I still don't know…

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