Cheap Bastards
Mon Dec 11, 2006 · 144 words

OK, so you've got trillions in the bank and you're taking orders for your next big cash cow. You set up a website, with the product packaging, marketing text and compulsory generic humanoid photo, then you have your graphics team come up with the necessary buttons and icons:


No, wait, that can't be right. That little icon looks just like:

Pasted Graphic 6

…THE FRIGGIN WORKGROUP MANAGER ICON! And it doesn't just look like it - it is the same one. Converted to GIF and different filename. What the hell is wrong with M$?! I just can't understand why they still can't hire decent designers. You can get a fantastic icon set for less than 50 USD!!! I'm sure this is just another silly mishap, but given the company's track record in “such things”, it's kind of a touchy subject. But maybe some people will never learn…

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