DVR-106D Patch
Sun Feb 15, 2009 · 198 words

This one's a bit of a “blast from the past”, but I found so much confusing and contradictory information on the subject that I decided to write down the exact steps myself.

To region unlock, and get rid of the crippling 4x ripping speed of a Pioneer DVR-106 DVD writer (a very popular SuperDrive Apple used in many G4 towers and iMacs back in the day), complete these easy steps:

After this procedure, my MDD G4 can rip a dual layer Region 1 DVD in 17 minutes (MTR 2.6.6, Full Disc Extraction). The drive seems to still work as a native burner, at least in Disk Utility - haven't tested with the iApps.

PS. You can simply download the “modded” DVRFlashX app from here as well.

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