Final Thoughts on LaTeX
Sat Nov 18, 2006 · 488 words

Was just looking to find a nice clean document format for my thesis and stumbled on this Apple Blog article.

I think LaTeX is mostly useful in two situations:

Why LaTeX is NOT suited for 99,9% of users:

I almost fell into this “LaTeX lunacy” myself though. I think what happens is that if you invest enough effort into anything (like hours trying to understand how to create a table!) and you read all these wonderful things others are saying about it, that thing naturally will become very dear to you. It's basic human nature. Luckily, I was able to escape it.

Some things, like programming, are hard to understand because they are inherently complex and you spend time learning them. Text editing should not be one of those things!!! I agree that there's a need for a text-based format that would work on any platform but it should also be easy to author. Anyone got any suggestions? DocBook seems kind of bloated.

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