Going Oldschool
Fri Jul 18, 2008 · 155 words

This site has been majorly downgraded today. I ditched the old XML-RPC blog engine and replaced it with a shiny, yet totally oldschool text file based solution. Sure, it doesn't have comments or categories, but there's something incredibly liberating to sit here and blog using nano over SSH.

The RSS should work, and an Apache Redirect makes sure the old RSS links still work, but previous links to old stories have not been remapped (the new system just uses the text file's mtime's timestamp as the ID, while the old one used a counter). Also direct links to posts are broken for now.

I don't even feel terribly bad about not having comments either - most of the stuff here is just inane technobabble anyways. If you do feel like commenting or sending a suggestion, then feel free to do so at filipp@mechmail.net.

The new blogging engine is about a whopping 30 lines of PHP.

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