Happy Holidays
Sat Dec 23, 2006 · 329 words

The past few days have been weird. Got a really great idea for writing a hwmond replacement called servermond that would allow you to use at least some of the functionality of Server Monitor on any hardware. So far so not good. Getting the SSL decryption to work to reverse-engineer the Server Monitor protocol has been unsuccessful due to, quite frankly, lack of tools. ssldump won't compile straight, tried the macports version but that won't run. Finally managed to install ettercap (which seems like an awesome piece of engineering) but it hasn't helped me yet… This made me think why there's still no Mac native front end to any of these powerful free programs.

Plus, the cigarette addiction's kicking in again. I've been off it for about a year now but the past 5 days I've felt like I quit last weekend or something… Weird.

But to not feel totally unproductive, I've decided to roll out the first public version of Itch - my little Python script for XChat Aqua. Named thus not only because there were a few itches that I wanted to scratch in XChat, but also because it's my first ever Python script (and itchi means “one” in Japanese). Itch features:

There's a few other features that I want to add in there, but the existing ones were “stable” enough to release it into the general public. I consider it my little Christmas present to the Mac IRC population. ;-)

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