Naming Convention

November 28, 2007

Was cleaning up my Mac network when I realised I’m currently running my personal record number of Macs in my room - 6, so of-course I had to take a picture to capture the moment:

I (and 25 million other geeks) like to call my machines after a theme - mine’s Futurama, so here they are, the group of 6, from left to right:

  • 15” MBP… err… this isn’t named yet as it’s just a temp machine
  • G4 Mac mini aka nibbler - server testing system - ‘cause it’s small and it downloads things :-)
  • 12” PowerBook - fry - my most-used workhorse named after my favourite character
  • The G4 tower aka cubert - no idea how a media/file server relates to Farnsworth’s son, but that’s how I named it (“hedonism bot” would be more aprioriate)
  • WhiteBook - main development/work machine. Unnamed :-(
  • “barebones” PB G4 (867Mhz) - scruffy (the janitor) since it just looks so “scruffy”. Our print server and other-things-doer.

Altogether we have 8 Macs in the apartment atm. Oh, and the lonely PC is ofcourse called Morbo ;-)