NetBless & DeployStudio

May 10, 2011

It turns out that NetBless works really well together with DeployStudio. All that was needed was a simple change while checking for $USER.

This is actually pretty cool - it gives you access to all your installation media, right within DeployStudio, your users don’t have to “learn Terminal” and you no longer have to worry about individual diagnostics OS being up to date - it’s all in NetBoot.

For our environment, I created 3 workflows:

  • “Boot Bundled Installer” which calls NetBless without arguments, allowing it to choose the appropriate OS. Since NetBless returns 1 when the original installer is not found, you get a failed result when running the Workflow, which is perfect.
  • “Boot 10.6 Installer” calls NetBless with retail_10.6.3.nbi which is a NetInstall set of a retail 10.6.3 disc
  • “Boot 10.5 Installer” calls NetBless with retail_10.5.8.nbi which is a NetInstall set of a retail 10.5.8 disc

You can copy to the Scripts directory and call it from a “Generic task” or just copy/paste it into a “Generic task” as is.