Punk 1.0.6
Thu Mar 08, 2007 · 152 words

Released yesterday. The version number is completely made up. Supports the new IMDb layout and is rewritten to use XMLHttpRequest which should also work through proxies by using the system settings. XMLHttpRequest seems to also give you caching for free (at least it creates cruft in the Cache folder).

This is probably the most succesful thing I've ever made (thanks largely to Martin's nice UI) and this version even got some comments from actual users! 140 downloads in less than 24 hours is not exactly VLC rate, but makes me happy nevertheless. Apple actually featured it again in the Widgets section which always gives you that nice tingly feeling. :)

It's amazing how much energy some feedback gives to a freeware developer. If there's anyone reading this, I would encourage you to send even a small comment or thank-you to your favourite freeware developer(s). It makes all the difference in the world.

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