Random Midnight Tidbits

January 29, 2008

Nothing major to report this time, just an assortment of more and less useful tidbits.

  • It’s possible to still use Server Admin and WG if you only have SSH sticking out of your server’s firewall:

    $ ssh -l user -L 311:server:311 -L 625:server:625 -N server

    Connect to address “” to avoid a weird authentication error in WG.

  • The default irssi package in MacPorts doesn’t have Perl so you can’t user scripts with it. Re-install using:

    sudo port install irssi +perl
  • If you’re on a Mac, running CLI irssi, you might like my work-in-progress port of Itch, my own little IRC script that currently has just simple iTunes integration…

  • For TextMate users, doing a:

    export EDITOR=mate

    makes you feel like you’re in the 21’st century again. E.g. before an:

    sudo port edit irssi
  • Anxiety.app is a cool, free TODO interface if you use iCal. TaskPaper is another straightforward and affordable GTD tool.

  • Android looks fun and the SDK seems totally usable with TextMate. I am doing my Symbian Advanced project (an OS X Server monitor app) for Android as I no longer see any future for Symbian C++.

  • And how do I know Android might just make it? Because Ballmer-the-car-salesman said it wouldn’t. And you can pretty much predict the success rate of any emerging product by that.