Site updates
Thu Dec 20, 2007 · 162 words

Many thanks to all who reminded me that the RSS was totally busted! It's fixed now with a few other site-wide improvements.

The RSS broke because my hosting company had changed the default PHP setting _short_open_tag to 1 which is murder for pages that have XML in them. Luckily they allow directory-specific php.ini configuration.

I've finally managed to get rid of the RapidWeaver template that had served me for so long. This one's written from scratch and was heavily inspired by's colour scheme. I use WouldjaDraw for all of my simpler web graphics, like round rects etc.

Now all I need is to figure out an admin interface for this blogging thingie so I can tidy this place up a bit.

Work has been keeping me extremely busy, but I can say that there are some cool things on the way, including some pretty neat tools and a new article for AFP548.

Oh, and I just won a TAM on eBay…

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