Son of September
Wed Sep 22, 2010 · 209 words

I turned 0x1E today.

When I went to high school, to study Japanese, my mother bought me a book about Japanese culture. This small book talked about, among other things, the Japanese astrological calendar, including brief descriptions of how each sign will live their lives. It sounds ridiculous, but so far pretty much everything the book predicted has come true. Especially the part about the late twenties of the monkey being full of ups and downs and many failures. Last year in particular has been all about that. Some great achievements, but also a lot of unfulfilled hopes and promises. Here's hoping I'll be able to finish more stuff than I started this year…

Received many awesome gifts, including the coolest, geekiest minibar ever (jam packed full of goodies from the eighties!):

A big thanks to all my dear friends and family for remembering.

Oh, and I deactivated my Facebook account. Again. Kind of pathetic but surprisingly liberating. I wish I could give some technical mumbo-jumbo explanation (preferably relating to privacy and security holes), but I think it's primarily because it was just too distracting. Go ahead - try it! And while your at it, unplug your TV. Go eat some apples, they're really tasty this time of year…

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