SOUP Kitchen
Tue Sep 15, 2009 · 159 words

SOUP (SOftware UPdate) Kitchen is a little web front end I wrote for Software Update Server (SUS). It allows you to download individual packages from the server which can be really handy in some situations. The obligatory screenshot:

There's a number of things I would like to do with it, like have proper version strings displayed for starters. All the metadata on the SUS could also be linked to the packages so that one could get pretty detailed information on what a package actually installs. It would also be nice to support distributions (right now it can only list individual packages). But with work stuff taking up pretty much all my time right now I thought I'd just throw it out there before I completely forget about this project.

Downloadable through GitHub. To install, just copy the folder someplace your web server can reach it. The web service has to be running on the same machine as the SUS.

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