Syncing Notes to Your iPod
Sun Jan 25, 2009 · 156 words

Syncing notes from to your iPod touch is not as bad as it may seem. I wanted to put a shopping list on mine, and almost joined the angry hordes when I couldn't find a “Notes” checkbox in the syncing prefs, but it turns out all you have to do is save the note on any IMAP account (must have “Store notes in Inbox” option checked under Mailbox Behaviours) and then check your mail on the iPod.

This isn't as slick as a local sync and it litters your Inbox, but it works and is certainly better than having to jailbreak your iPod or buying a 3rd party app just to get a piece of text onto it.

Notes are simply HTML-encoded “emails” with the special header X-Uniform-Type-Identifier: and no To: header.

Just remember to check your mail before you leave the house - at least our grocer doesn't have free WiFi (yet). ;-)

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