Thu Sep 11, 2008 · 180 words

So you've just finished up setting up the new server at the office and now you need to send account info to 45 people. You can make an email template and then find/replace each user's info in or just create a generic one (ie afp://newserver/yourusernamehere). The first is tedious and error prone, the second seems fine… until you get emails from 25 people who are not able to log in because they just click the link and their password doesn't work.

That's where Templar comes in - just create two files - an EML with all variables marked in C-style ($0…) and a CSV file to populate the variables (from col $0 etc, each row representing a new email). Then just drop the two onto the AppleScript droplet and you have all the email ready and waiting (it doesn't actually send the mails, just opens them up). $0 is substituted with the first column, $1 with the second etc.

You can download the droplet from here. Requires 10.5 or later (or a 3rd party PHP install, because of file_get_contents ()).

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