Tidbits for week 6

February 10, 2008

  • The D5 interview with Jobs and Gates is available on the iTunes Store. I thought Bill came across as very focused, down-to-earth and open.

  • Speaking of the iTS, it appears one is able to buy only one album every 24 h since their payment system is down most of the time. One of the great benefits of online delivery is instant gratification so this is extremely annoying…

  • Perian 1.1 is out. Among a bunch of other things, it fixes an issue with not being able to play back SD DV AVI files in any QuickTime-based app (including FCP). Perian is really cool. I hope to do a little screencast for our MUG on how to manage one’s movie collection through iTunes thanks to Perian.

  • Leopard Server ships with SSL support in LDAP turned off. This means you can’t use “ldaps://” in your PHP code to bind to the server. Luckily, Apple has put up a document describing how to change this.

  • If you’re a blogger using WordPress who also does video, you have to check out podPress. That’s what we now use for the occasional screencasts on our MUG’s site, which btw is now on the iTunes Store.

  • RubyCocoa is cool (duh) and ships with Leopard. Here’s a brilliant 6-minute tutorial by hisa which demos building a text-to-speech program. I’ve realised that my passion for programming lies mostly in system-level stuff (admin scripts, os hacks etc) and having a compact, high-level scripting language like Ruby tapping into the native API-s is just incredible.

    Arigatou gozaimasu to hisa for the videos. There are quite a few. The titles are all in Japanese but the videos are so clear you can learn a lot really quickly.

  • glTail.rb is the coolest server log analyzer yet (thanks, Jussi). Installs perfectly through rubygems on Leopard (depends on many other modules, including OpenGL).

    The beauty of this, apart from looking totally awesome, ofcourse is that it doesn’t require any special software on the server side - it all works over SSH!

    And this thing is not just fun, it’s also incredibly useful. In addition to Apache and Rails, it does mysql, postgres, postfix, IIS and squid, among others. Gobbles proc cycles though… :-)

  • I helped my mom make an addition to Wikipedia today. It was about Cyclopentasiloxane. Cool. :P