Turned 0x1C
Mon Sep 22, 2008 · 135 words

There's now two dashboard widgets that I find actually useful, the first is the excellent dashLicious and the second, the newborn DashLog:

DashLog Front

It allows you to remotely monitor any log file (using good old tail -f). All you need is the widget, some SSH hosts defined in your .ssh/config and passwordless authentication configured. On the back you can select some typical log files or define a custom one:

DashLog Back

This thing's straight out of the oven so there will probably be some stinky bits in there. I have a couple of ideas how to make this more powerful and maybe even one day surpass Console.app. It's the first widget I've ever built using Dashcode. You can download it from here (256kB ZIP).

And, yeah, I turned 28 today :-P

SELECT DATEDIFF(NOW(), date_of_birth)/365 FROM `filipp`
--> 28.0192

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