UFO Sundae #11

March 9, 2008

The past few weeks have been completely crazy. Tonight, over 4 months of work are coming together in a major update to a service management system I’ve been privileged to work on. As I sit here, waiting for the DNS changes to propagate, I thought I’d try and put down some things…

  • If you’ve noticed that this site has been become extremely fast for quite a while now, it’s because it’s running on the greatest server ever - our own. Me and some friends have put together a little Mac-centric hosting/web service shop and the infrastructure for it is now pretty much in place. Look forward to many Mac-based shared hosting (10.4.11 server) rants! ;-)

  • Fluid.app is amazing (thanks, Ponts!). I’m going to make it the default interface to the aforementioned service management system. It’s been improved alot already in the past few weeks and seems to be totally usable if you don’t need to the Adobe Reader plugin. :) The JS API is also wonderful. I think this is an especially big deal for corporate webapps.

  • Jens Afke released a wonderful mix CD which is well worth checking out if you’re into ambient-type music. I found some great artists on it and bought their albums from iTS and elsewhere.

  • MacRuby seems interesting.

  • Jon Rentzsch has done a remarkable job setting up the C4 indie developer conferences of which there are now videos available. Greatly appreciated. This might be the closest someone like me will ever get to MacHack or even WWDC. :-)

  • I got a 2.4Ghz Santa Rosa MBP with 4GB RAM on Friday and I love it. Just thought the new models weren’t worth the extra cash and wait. This is the second Mac I’ve bought brand new for myself and number 23 in all, IIRC. I’ve yet to come up with a name for it…