What is the meaning of this?

Hi there. You’ve reached the personal web page of Filipp Lepalaan, a Macintosh systems engineer and web developer from Estonia, living and working in Helsinki, Finland since 2000.

I got into Macs in around 1996 on my LC 475, playing Ambrosia games and hosting a Hotline server over my 28.8k modem. Since then I’ve fixed a lot of Macs, maintained a bunch of servers, built networks, taught Final Cut Pro, written some software and started a few companies. All more or less to do with the Mac platform. Probably more.

Currently I’m working as a software developer at Verkkokauppa.com. Previously I was the IT Manager/System Administrator at JKMM Architects, looking after a fleet of Apple products as well as bunch of other UNIX servers.

I also run my own little business - First Party Software - a one-man-army that wants to make better tools for working people. My main project is Servo - the Service Management System for Authorised Apple Service Providers. Before that I co-founded and was the CTO of mcare - a new kind of Authorised Apple Service Provider. We had more happy customers than at any other company I’ve worked for during my 16+ year career.

Sometimes I also make music.

For the thrill of understanding

This site is not a real blog. Real blogs write about things that are truly unique and interesting and are written by people who actually make an effort to articulate their thoughts, check their facts and references. Their author’s thrive on feedback and actually reply to their commenters to clarify or defend their statements. This place on the other hand is just about me ranting about some work-related things, more often than not just re-stating the obvious, all for the thrill of understanding. :-)

Sometimes I take pictures and make music videos. I used to play drums. I still do, but I used to, too.