HINODE from niiyama on Vimeo.

This is a CG movie that depicts saltation and growth of life in the sea using jewelry as the motif for illustrating the theme "Jewels of Sea." It creates mystifying and attractive scenery by the ores resembling creatures of sea and its transforming refraction and reflection of light that are affected by the organic moves.


Back from [our trip to NYC][2] with my sister, we had a whole bunch of AVCHD material in MTS format that I just couldn't get into iMovie. So the idea was to first convert them to QuickTime. Turns out there's no shortage of "mts2mov" utilities out there but they're all ... Continue reading


There's one more new tool in MTK that I thought was worth a quick shout-out, namely [cpu2asr][1]. While [netbless][2] has turned out to be pretty useful, restoring entire CPUs with it has two drawbacks: - You have to create a user account to install the bundled applications (the second disc) ... Continue reading


There's a new tool in [MTK][4], creatively named [asd2nb][1] which helps put Apple System Diagnostic images on your NetBoot server. The idea and motivation is very similar to netbless — there are dozens of ASD discs, with more coming out with every new Mac model and managing them becomes more ... Continue reading

AST & DeployStudio

In AST version 1.0.6 (?) Apple added the "Other NetBoot" option to boot other NBI:s hosted on the same server. This is great, except I think there's a bug that makes it incompatible with DeployStudio. DeployStudio creates root images with the name "DeployStudioRuntime.sparseimage". It also says so in the NBImageInfo.plist's ... Continue reading


Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to [gsxcl][1]. It started out as a simple test tool for [gsxlib][2], but has now evolved into a pretty useful replacement for GSX's web UI. Currently it supports the following operations: - Warranty status - Part lookups - Checking repair details and status ... Continue reading

NetBoot Over OpenVPN

NetBooting over VPN isn't anything new or that complicated - just set up a tunnel and use bless with the slightly more elaborate arguments to set the boot parameters, as in Mr. Bombich's [example][1]: sudo bless --netboot --booter tftp://server.apple.edu/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/NetInstall.nbi/i386/booter \ --kernel tftp://server.apple.edu/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/NetInstall.nbi/i386/mach.macosx \ --options "rp=nfs:server.apple.edu:/private/tftpboot/NetBoot/NetBootSP0:NetInstall.nbi/NetInstall-Restore.dmg" Where the IP of server.apple.edu ... Continue reading


In my [previous post][2], I alluded to a tool that we use to make NetBooting different machines with their correct OS quite a bit simpler. Here's what it is and how to use it. But first a few words about my workflow: ##The Setup## - We collect CPU installation media ... Continue reading

NetBoot on FreeBSD

Continuing our series of ["alternate lifestyle"][5] articles, here's a short howto on how to provide NetBoot services to your Macs from a FreeBSD server. None of this would be possible without Jeff McCune's excellent [notes on the subject][1]. The following is basically a rehash of his research, with some FreeBSD-specifics ... Continue reading