Back from [our trip to NYC][2] with my sister, we had a whole bunch of AVCHD material in MTS format that I just couldn't get into iMovie. So the idea was to first convert them to QuickTime. Turns out there's no shortage of "mts2mov" utilities out there but they're all ... Continue reading


There's a new tool in [MTK][4], creatively named [asd2nb][1] which helps put Apple System Diagnostic images on your NetBoot server. The idea and motivation is very similar to netbless — there are dozens of ASD discs, with more coming out with every new Mac model and managing them becomes more ... Continue reading


Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to [gsxcl][1]. It started out as a simple test tool for [gsxlib][2], but has now evolved into a pretty useful replacement for GSX's web UI. Currently it supports the following operations: - Warranty status - Part lookups - Checking repair details and status ... Continue reading